Tuesday Tips – Edition 1

Welcome to Tuesday tips. Every other Tuesday for the next few months, we will be sharing tips (blogs, positive affirmations, worksheets, etc.) that will help you as parents build bridges of understanding in your families. Enjoy!


I am a good and patient parent.
My children are a priority in my life. I do my best to provide the best possible life for my children. I consider the impact that my decisions and behavior have on their lives.
My children experience the best parts of me. They make me a better person.
I am learning everything I can about being a good parent. I enjoy learning how to be a better parent.
I am a patient person and my children make me even more patient. I am very tolerant and understanding of my children’s mistakes.
I understand that children require a lot of time and effort. I am happy when I spend my time on my children. I am patient in all aspects of my children’s lives.
I am a good person. I know the basis for being a good parent starts with being a good person. I make an effort to be the best person I can be.
I also set a positive example for my children. I know that my children are always watching my behavior. I do a great job of demonstrating how I want my children to behave.
Today, I am putting extra attention on my children and my parenting skills. I am being the best parent I can be today. I am exercising patience with my children and with everyone else. I am a good and patient parent.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I need to do in order to be a better parent?
  2. When am I most likely to be impatient with my children? What effect does this have on them?
  3. Do I set a good example for my children? What could I be doing better?