What does distance learning look like for our KidZCommunity Head Start and Early Head Start Families?

Whether children are at home or at school, we know that they thrive and learn through daily routines, play, and everyday experiences.  They are naturally curious and enjoy being explorers, scientists and architects through self-determined play.

KidZCommunity is supporting families through this distance learning experience by posting weekly parent packets on our Facebook page and Instagram.  These packets include information on health, nutrition, wellness as well as fun learning experiences that families can do together in their homes.  The child development team has included music and movement, sensory activities, outside play, cooking experiences with children, gardening, and many other topics that engage and interest children.  Classroom teachers have also been completing individual and group Zoom meetings for each family that include group sing-a-longs, flannel stories, scavenger hunts, sharing and cooking meals together.  Conversations with children might begin like this, “What do you like to eat for breakfast?”, “Tell me what you like to do with your brother/sister” and “Tell me how you are taking care of your pet at home.”

Families have responded by sharing their children’s home learning experiences through Familyfolio, and by sending photos of their children preparing their daily snack, caring for family pets, riding bikes and climbing trees, gardening, playing dress-up and most importantly, how they are spending time together as a family.