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KidZCommunity strives to create a rich environment where the child and family needs are addressed and are supportive of family well-being. Holistic services are offered to all children and families in our Head Start programs.

These services include dental and medical health, mental health, nutrition, education, family services, and supporting children and families with special needs.

Family engagement is a valuable partnership through which early childhood professionals, families, and children build positive and goal-oriented relationships. Family engagement honors and supports the parent-child relationships that are central to a child’s healthy development, school readiness, and well-being.

Family engagement opportunities include learning activities for the home, parent workshops and conferences, father engagement activities, school readiness preparation, community involvement, and leadership experiences.

Children’s health is a critical factor in being school ready. Head Start encourages that all children have a medical home so that they have timely immunizations and screenings for cognitive development, basic health, speech and language, hearing, vision, and dental health.

Health enhances children’s ability to learn, which means enriching their quality of life and enhancing contributions to society. The goals of our Nutrition Services are to provide nutrition assessment and counseling, provide nutritious meals, empower and educate parents to make healthy choices for themselves and their children.

Nutrition assessment and counseling services are offered to Head Start families under the direction and care of our Registered Dietitian. Nutrition counseling services are offered to parents of any child at nutritional risk. This includes children who require any special dietary modifications or are underweight, overweight or anemic.

Ongoing nutrition classes are offered for Head Start families. The purpose of these classes is to educate families about the importance of nutrition and show them how to offer nutritious food choices for their families.

KidZCommunity teaching staff integrate nutrition activities and discussions with children through the “Food for Thought” curriculum which is built into the monthly menus.

KidZCommunity also has community partnerships for ongoing nutrition education and workshops.

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KidZCommunity is dedicated to creating and fostering supportive, nurturing environments that promote trust, safety, security and personal growth. We promote awareness and understanding of mental wellness by building collaborative relationships among children, families, staff, mental health professionals, and the community.

Supporting mental health is a collaborative process that centrally involves family and parents. Opportunities include parenting workshops, mental and health resources and individual consultations.

Our Inclusion and Special Education Services aim at ensuring that acceptance and belonging are at the essence of a child’s reality.

Coordinating services among service agencies is the focus of Disabilities Services. Through close partnership and consistent collaboration with Local Education Agencies (LEA), Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), Placer and Nevada County School Districts, Alta Regional Center and WarmLine Family Resource Center: our program aims to provide the highest level of continued support for children to ensure early identification, and continued intervention support.

School bus transportation is available in limited areas. For more information on public transportation check the appropriate resource for your area:

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