Prenatal to 3 Year Old Programs

About our programs for prenatal to three years


The foundations for school readiness begin in pregnancy and continue through the first 3 years. For infants and toddlers, this is built around opportunities to explore and have experiences that are supported by nurturing relationships.

We offer three distinct programs for expectant mothers and children from birth to age three. Each one of our programs is unique and offers different benefits to families.

Once enrolled in one of our programs, our staff works with each family to provide an array of holistic services.

These include the following:

  • Support accessing medical and dental care
  • prenatal care when needed
  • Referrals for basic needs
  • Nutrition assessments and counseling
  • Wellness to help promote well-being for the entire family
  • Transportation in limited areas
  • Special education and inclusion support

Each of our 3 program options are: Center Based, Home Based and Family Child Care. Take a look at each one of them below.


A Home Visitor makes weekly visits to provide comprehensive services in the family’s home. This home-visiting model serves prenatal women and children through 3 years old and their families.

In addition, a playgroup or socialization is conducted twice a month. These get-togethers strengthen relationships by providing parents with opportunities to obtain support from educators about their child’s interests, strengths, needs, and resources.

Also, these activities support children and families to mutually interact in a group setting and to learn a variety of skills and topics of interest important to the educational development of the child.

The Home-Based curriculum supports secure parent-child relationships promoting the parent’s role as the child’s teacher through the 3R’s research-based developmentally appropriate curriculum.

The 3R’s stand for Respectful, Responsive and Relationship-based curriculum for Home Visitors. The curriculum’s role is to develop a partnership between parent and home visitor, together offering invitations for young children to explore through safe, interesting and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. The heart of the curriculum is in relationships and the interactions with the infants and toddlers during the caregiving routines.

We believe that children develop, and their families are strengthened through:

  • A relationship-strength based approach
  • Responsible caregiving
  • Valuing cultural and language differences
  • Partnering with parents
  • Creating pathways for future learning
  • Understanding the child’s development socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically
  • Appreciation of different adult and child temperaments
  • Socialization opportunities, and effective guidance and discipline techniques

The curriculum is responsive to and respectful of the infant and toddler’s development through early learning experiences with a focus on parent-child interactive activities.

As part of our program, KidZCommunity has developed school readiness goals for children birth to 3 years old.  Each child is regularly assessed with these goals in mind to measure their progress while in our programs.


This program option is provided in our infant-toddler centers located throughout Placer and Nevada Counties.

We offer a Reggio-inspired, and developmentally appropriate curriculum called the 3Rs – Responsive, Respectful and Relationship-Based.

Our teacher to child ratios are 4:1, with group size never exceeding eight.

In our Center Based programs for ages up to 3, we use the program called the 3Rs, Responsive, Respectful & Relationship-Based.

The heart of the curriculum is in relationships and interactions during the caregiving routines, which are conducted in ways that support physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

The curriculum is dynamic and changes daily based on each child’s, and the group’s interests and needs.

Children have the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn in hands-on, safe, interesting, and developmentally appropriate environments.

As part of our program, KidZCommunity has developed school readiness goals for children birth to three years old. Each child is regularly assessed with these goals in mind to measure their progress while in our programs.


KidZCommunity partners with licensed family child care providers to offer full-day services for children 0-5 years old.

Each one of our Family Child Care providers implement a research-based curriculum that offers developmentally appropriate care and learning.

Families also receive our complete holistic services which include family engagement opportunities and support, and health services support.

Each group size is limited to 6 for small Family Child Care Centers and twelve for larger Family Child Care Centers. The ratios are dependent on the ages of children, per California child care licensing.

Each Family Child Care Home uses a research-based, validated curriculum approved by Head Start.

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